27 Jun 2010


i went to was an awesome trip...we really had fun...
we went by car to jb from shah alam at 3.00 in the morning and reached JB at 8.00a.m
we entered Singapore by bus..lagi senang kot x yah nk stuck in jam...
so my 2days trip full with activities!!

selamat bertunang buat ain nasir (icu)

sekali lagi keluarga tok nasir berkumpul ramai2 kat kg gotong royong sbb nk smbut icu bertunang....ank tok nasir yg last skali dri 13orng

17 Jun 2010

hantaran cupcakes n cake

credit to ibu for making this cake..this actually a buttercake covered with fondant n dekat ats chocolates cuppies with strawberry..inspired by a basket shape cake...

fondant cuppies utk hantaran....i put it in a special box..which seswai for hantaran...
also ordered by fiza..thanks fiza

doorgift cuppies

baby theme cuppies

16 Jun 2010

:: chocolate lover ::

this chocolate is for hantaran pertunangan ordered by fiza...i put in 25pcs of white chocolate n milk cocolate transparent box...simple but nice

this is chocolate in a 9pcs box..price for chocolate exclude price for the box
there are many more design for the bov

this is also chocolate...but so special about this chocolate is that the pink colour is strawberry flavoured chocolate and inside the chocolate is oreo cookies!!

new design is comin soon...nie percubaan pertama utk hantaran icu...



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