9 Oct 2010

cupcakes in a box

ordered by senior LLB at my faculty for her boyfriend

the tuxedo is fondant....yg lain2 is buttercream..the cakes are chocolate cake

ordered by my niece utk kawan2 die dkt skola...celebration lepas hbs upsr

hope that everyone will get a good result

the talk show time

ribuaan terima kasih buat jetli n friends from Mass comm Faculty sbb menjemput saya to be one of their guest for a talk show

ini la pengalaman kali pertama masuk ke dalam studio...pengalaman yg sgt bernilai and it is a platform for buttersweet utk lebih di kenali selepas ini..alhamdullilah

i was called to talk about youth entrepreneur since i am a student. they asked us how we manage our time as a student and in the same time having a business.

this is the set..sgt cool kan

8 Oct 2010

happy anniversary cupcakes

thanks for the order...sgt kagum with this couple..they have been together for 8 years...
dat so sweet...thanks abon for the order...

x thu pun abon yg order sbb identiti beliau dirahsiakan....

1 Oct 2010

birthday cupcakes

ordered by fiza....this is for her boyfriend....she really likes it...
this is the feedback :

"they are wonderful and he like it so much..hehehe...
thanks dear.."



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