21 Nov 2010

cupcakes for the Dr...

a day with chef jose joy perlo....

bermulanye cuti sem kali ini terus ke kelas membuat cokelat....
quite excited nak attend this class n i orang yg paling muda in dat class

this class was held at HOI damansara. chef haritu ialah Chef Jose Joy Perlo jr. he is an Australian Philippines. he is an expert in chocolate n pastry. working more than 10 years. experience working with well known hotels and also a teacher at cullinary school in Melbourne. but now he is working with BERYL'S malaysia...
this is my certificate of attending the chocolate class..
me with chef joy..just call him joy coz he is so funny
this is the kitchen...

tadaaa..this are the chocolate..nyum2

17 Nov 2010

from russia with love

thank you ain from Russia...she ordered those cuppies for her family and also for her boyfriend..thanks alot dear...
she said her family n mr boyfie like the cuppies so much sayang nk makan
" thanks family suke gile n my bee pun hepi"
this cuppies for the family

this one is for the lover...sweet~~

and this for her brother because he is doing well in his examination
congrats aidil!!



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